Designing the Future: RockTec City, Melbourne’s first smart city!

RockTec City is an exciting project incorporating the primary elements of urban life into a world standard, small-scale master-planned city of the future, Melbourne’s very first, ‘’Smart City’’! Being able to create the vision, look and feel that accurately depicts the cutting-edge technology, environmental focus and livability into the collateral for this project has been a dream for our ideasworx team.

Located on a “greenfield” site only 20 minutes from both CBD and Airport, RockTec City is one the few locations in Greater Melbourne that provide the opportunity to create a city of the future without significant limitations. RockTec City combines innovation with sustainability and wellbeing, creating a diverse community focused on Melbourne’s proven abilities in the global startup ecosystem.

This project intends to challenge the conventional approach to greenfield development by making jobs, lifestyle, amenity, walkability and sustainability key objectives, right from the development’s early stages. We want to achieve a truly global exemplar of a model mixed-use urban outcome.

We are on the cusp of a major change in the way people work, live and move. The Covid-19 pandemic has only served to underline the key changes that the future will present us: There will be less commuting and more working locally. There will be less driving and more walking. These things will not only require easy access to good quality public spaces but also the availability of shops, entertainment and recreational facilities; all within an agreeable walking distance. These features combine with a demand for increased flexibility and affordability in the residential options provided. Because we are incorporating all these aspects into RockTec’s base design, the development will be uniquely placed to address all of these issues from the project’s outset.

Subsequently, all these exciting elements are incorporated into every design touchpoint to convey the uniqueness and level of sophistication that this project demands.

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Sinead Symmons

C2 Capital Marketing Coordinator