Design for Umbrella Health

Umbrella Health is set to disrupt the outdated medical centre industry by putting healthcare back in the hands of customers. Subsequently, Umbrella Health required strong branding to convey their powerful message.

In the space of two years, Umbrella Health has evolved from an idea on an agile wall to becoming a reality – providing better healthcare solutions to the community and creating better workspaces for their people. Umbrella Health is built by patients for patients to let doctors be doctors. Great service, quality healthcare, good business.

Umbrella Health is leading the way in revolutionising the healthcare industry, integrating technology to improve the patient experience and thrive in a COVID-19 world. Umbrella Health demonstrates that it is possible to combine investor wealth-creation with positive contributions to their communities. In fact, by focussing on their customers and their needs first, the result is maximised investor returns.

Umbrella Health operates premium medical, pharmacy, and allied health centres, filled with proprietary technology that enables regular people to get the best from the healthcare system. Technology solutions that enable GP’s to not only solve the health problems of patients, but improve the user experience such as: real-time appointment status, seamless online referrals, e-health consultations, and prescription management. This superior user experience model is set to disrupt the industry.

From its inception, Ideasworx has built the Umbrella Health brand, from logos, merchandise, precinct assets, collateral, website and much more in order to develop the right personality and positioning in the mind of the consumer. Across all platforms and collateral you will find that Umbrella Health conveys the message of care, nuance, leadership, purpose and community.

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Sinead Symmons

C2 Capital Marketing Coordinator