Branding for Opimus

There is a significant, untapped and emerging market of aspiring affluent millennials, ranging from those just starting their career to those well-established, who wish to grow wealth to reach their life goals and objectives. Within this target audience, there is a common need – investment education and strategy development appropriate for every stage of the investor’s life.

Opimus is designed to augment the financial wellbeing of this large target population, assisting them to make informed and prudent decisions in line with their financial goals. In addition to granting access to cost-efficient, diversified, professionally managed portfolios, Opimus will uniquely offer users tax-effective wealth accumulation pathways through incorporating an insurance driven investment bond overlay.

This enhances investing efficiency by operating within a regime that mitigates taxation for the investor. Opimus users also have access to a variety of high return, alternative asset classes, including venture capital, startups and niche property opportunities. In addition to offering margin/leverage facilities within select stocks, Opimus will offer a variety of portfolios that will cater for all risk/return appetites.

Developing a premium platform for this brand was essential, particularly when incorporating education elements to a website. Ideasworx carefully constructed branding that conveys the future of investment. With cutting edge design, high responsiveness and the applications necessary for a tech-savvy user, the Opimus brand truly encapsulates its intention.

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Sinead Symmons

C2 Capital Marketing Coordinator